Dark Sentiments Season 12 — Day 2: I’ll Burn That Bridge When I Come to It

Posted By on October 8, 2021


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  1. el hansh says:

    El Hansh rages against the system. Current events and all that trivia. Zatoichi and bless his peculiar ass. Poisoned needles and all that jazz.

    Absolutely accept a fourth stimulus payoff. That’s right, payoff, not payout. Why? Simple. If those in government can rip off the people then there is no reason why the people can’t reverse the trend and rip off the government, which they have been doing since time immemorial as ways to get around restrictions, mandates, etc.
    The ‘shot’? Ain’t no thing because of the mentality you apply to its beneficence or not. If you think it is a ‘kill’ shot then you are subject to propaganda that you or for that matter anyone knows about it in the least with the exception of the manufacturers that are gleaning zillions of dollars from the hype. If you look at it as harmless and you are maintaining your own regimen for immunity, mentally and physically, then you are just as qualified to accept your own immortality without fear of falling down dead from a media hyped bunch of baloney. If ‘they’ are trying to force it down your throat and you are offended, tell them to stash it in their barrack’s bags.
    Freedom? Another supposed concept of democracy that does not exist outside of your own consciousness regardless of your presumed level of societal position. Everyone and everything is dependent upon everyone and everything else and it does not matter where you position yourself in the food chain. All are slaves to their own passions and ideals and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you understand that you are the prime reason for the universe having been created and you adapt to the conditions you find yourself in and laugh all the way to the promised land that you yourself invent.
    The ‘perfect ‘way’? Attach yourself to detachment. You are finite in physical form and cannot be otherwise until you depart this plane. Acknowledge that you go and come in perfect safety and without delay and are kept from harm’s way and as well, your house is safe from strangers. Just make sure your guns are primed and loaded to repel those who would fear your self-revealizations and would attempt to impose on your devices.
    Humanity? We are the virus.
    End of story and stop playing with your petunias. (And, gee, I just earned 100% for this rant with the Microsoft Editor score.) Catch on?

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