Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 25: The Godlike Overview

| October 25, 2016

God, Santa Claus, Krampus — only a few of the omniscient powers watching over us all. But what if things were a little more interactive so we didn’t have to wait for death or Christmas to discover how things are going to turn out? The Gunfighter knows …

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 24: Good Night Sweet Prince

| October 24, 2016

“Of no surprise to my readers will be the disclosure that my brand of humour veers sharply toward the dark side. My dance card of funeral attendance over the years includes both my parents, four uncles and one aunt, an assortment of friends and the parents of others, and that’s just the humans. If memory […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 23: Exit Music

| October 23, 2016

“One of the world’s oldest songs isn’t about love, sex or power. It’s about death. ‘Dies Irae’, the Song of Death (performed in one take for this video) is one of the oldest songs in the world. It goes back to the beginning of musical time … about 1300 years. The mystery of this particular […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 22: All Deaths Matter

| October 22, 2016

The rangy, solitary Eastern Coyote of my youth was not the animal that bears the name today. Hunted, trapped, poisoned, and otherwise hounded out of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the 1970’s, there came an interval of Human forgetting while the Nature of the Coyote and Man’s conceit forged something new. For in time […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 21: When Death Declines

| October 21, 2016

It’s said that one who kills himself Just takes the coward’s way. I’ll grant this Truth for those who leave When Duty says to stay. But if you lack dependents That must look to you for strength, When all that’s good has fled your life Why look to it for length? ~ Dark Sentiments Season […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 20: Up the Back Passage

| October 20, 2016

Inspired by a narrow channel of water that separates a local island from the mainland, and that is subject to remarkable reversals in current that may catch the traveller unawares, The Back Passage is a tragedy of sorts. As one more point of note, the actual Back Passage does lead to a Distinguishing Point, even […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 19: Hotrod Bristle

| October 19, 2016

Hotrod Bristle was inspired by the song Hotrod Lincoln, recently brought to mind by something revealed to me by the Esteemed Jay Heathman, which makes it partially his fault. The remaining share of the inspiration lies with the Woman I’m wed to, and the picture above that’s making the rounds right now, about which she […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 18: The Hidey-Hinder

| October 18, 2016

“Dagger Woods is a small rural community located amid softwood forest and marshland slightly less than 10 kilometers east of the university town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Anyone driving Highway 104 to or from the eastern part of the province will be familiar with the turnoff. “Tales of a malevolent being haunting the woods began […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 17: The Spirit of Things

| October 17, 2016

The Wendigo – I will call it that but there are many iterations of its name – is a malevolent forest spirit that comes in winter. It needs human flesh to feed but can only slake its hunger by possessing a human that it then uses to hunt, kill, and devour its prey. The Wendigo […]

Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 16: The Magick of Words

| October 16, 2016

The Magick of Words By LFM When I was but a stripling lad, Enthralled by tales of sword and sage, I dreamed of magicks foul and fair, And words of pow’r beyond my age. It saddened me that magick seemed A thing of fiction’s fantasy, To hold no sway upon the world, And least of […]