Business As Usual

| July 27, 2009

Welcome to the new and more highly evolved Large Fierce Mammal blog. While I take most of the blame for the written content, I can never take credit for how well this site works or how sexy it looks. All of that comes from the fact that I had the good sense and skills at […]

RCMP “Air 1” Over Vancouver

| July 11, 2009

The real “Air 1” serves lower mainland British Columbia in the traffic patrol role. I happen to have a client; D. H.; now retired from a career as a pilot with RCMP Air Services, who shares with me an interest in virtual aviation using various computer based flight simulation platforms. We both agree it’s both […]

We’ll Even Help ADT Customers Get Better Service

| July 6, 2009

This past weekend, we received an interesting e-mail that came in via the customer contact form on our Whynacht Security & Survival website. It was from an ADT security customer in New Brunswick that I will refer to only as “J”. J had been on our website and was particularly interested by the detailed information […]