Dark Sentiments Season 12 — Day 3: Bloodletting

Posted By on October 15, 2021


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  1. Martin M says:

    I was just sitting here at the office on All Hallows’ Eve, looking out at the wind and rain, wondering what type of devilry may take place before the night is out, when all these thought’s combined or perhaps conspired to give rise to the thought of you, Mrs LFM, and Dark Sentiments. (Not necessarily in that order).

    Maybe all coincidental, maybe a little nostalgic, maybe just an old memory from some misfired brain synapse, but all too glad to see that some things remain unchanged. Funny, how old memories can find their way into the day’s reality at the most unexpected moments. I rather enjoyed spending a large portion of the afternoon catching up on al old read that I always enjoyed, and especially so, during the lead up to the 31st. An old story, an old book, an old memory, all bring a sense of comfort … yes, I guess that is the very definition of nostalgia. None the less, I enjoyed a rather pleasant distraction from the daily routine … if things in my line can be routine!

    I would also like very much while I am here, to wish you and Mrs LFM a very happy anniversary. All the best to you, Mrs LFM, and the family on this special night.

    Martin M

    • Randy says:

      My Dear Friend Martin,

      As you know, it can safely be assumed that anything found here bears the NSFW caveat with the annotation “ETOTL” (Excepting Those On The List) for whom these brain droppings may be considered essential reading, and you all know who you are.

      What a delight, and yet no great surprise, that our thoughts converged on the Night of Nights, whatever order they may may come to present themselves.

      You will be interested to learn that your name came up in conversation with Mrs. LFM a few weeks ago, triggered by a revisiting of something I wrote back in 2014 — That Reminds Me of a Story — that you may wish to read (or reread) as I can no longer recall if you may have been among those who attended the matter, if only to join in the mirth and general revelry.

      Thank you from all of us here for your most excellent best wishes, and send our own in return to you and yours.


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