Observations on the Best Food Show on Television

| April 18, 2009

As unrepentant carnivores, Mrs. Large Fierce Mammal and I have small tolerance for those among the Great Unwashed who see nothing wrong with eating meat while at the same time idiotically attempting to expunge their “sin” by repeatedly reminding everyone in earshot of how bad or guilty they feel about it. We have the utmost […]

Solomon Kane: A Large Fierce Mammal of Fantasy

| April 16, 2009

Robert E. Howard 1906-1936 Most people are familiar with the character Conan the Barbarian, created in literature for the pulp fiction market by Robert E. Howard, and later popularized by the films of varying quality starring the current Governor of California. Howard was a prolific writer who delved heavily into a number of genres including […]

Variations on a Theme

| April 5, 2009

Each of the axes in the following shots started life as a small hand axe pretty much identical to the one held by the kid above. A commonly encountered hand tool, they were often forged by local blacksmiths by hammering a flat plate of steel around a mandrel that created the eye for the handle, […]

The Mouse That Roared

| April 1, 2009

Installing a new computer mouse isn’t exactly rocket science, but should it be life threatening? The mouse on my computer went to shit a few days ago, giving me a double click effect for single clicks with increasing frequency, so I installed a new one today. Imagine my amazement as I read the first sentence […]