The Eighth Year of Lukas

| June 18, 2023

Today the House of LFM celebrates the eighth natal day of middle Son Lukas! Above you see the strapping lad he has thus far grown to be, and I would offer that image in comparison to this one taken on the day of his birth …

The Right Tool

| June 4, 2023

The current news abounds with dramatic images of intrepid firefighters on the ground and water bombers in the air, attacking forest fires around the world. Here in Nova Scotia, the drama is centered near the capital city of Halifax, and near the southwestern town of Shelburne. With the weather having turned cool and wet in […]

Timely Advice is Never Too Late

| June 4, 2023

I once wrote … “When a person achieves what passes for success today, it is said that they have “arrived”, as though their journey has ended, and their status is to be admired. The yardstick that measures such success is made of treasure and property, and the power they represent is the power to consume, […]