Just Leave it to Uncle Argyle

| September 28, 2013

By the courtesy and unflagging vigilance of the Right Honourable Master At Arms James Albert Keating, I was recently made aware of an entertaining bit of information out of Scotland. According to her Behance and facebook profiles, Beatrice Sgorbani is a young woman living in Edinburgh, Scotland, working as a “brand and business development executive” […]

If TV News Were Ever So Truthful

| September 20, 2013

This news item took me straight back to my state of mind while writing A Tale of Two Bints and a Bear. Take a look pf your own and see what I mean.

The Apprentice

| September 14, 2013

In a recent telephone conversation with my Esteemed Friend Gary Carbone, we spoke of matters that included the taking on of students, and the choosing of training partners. Specifically, the filtering of those who truly want to know from those who simply want to look as though they do, and how one may come to […]

Made in Canada with Polish Parts

| September 8, 2013

The picture above explains the reason for my absence of late – Viktor Ryszard Lawrence Whynacht was born to Mrs. LFM and me at 02:10 Atlantic Daylight Time on 3 September 2013 – miraculously at almost exactly the same time and on the same date on which, in 2001, I grabbed his perfect Mother, pushed […]