Essential Supplies

| May 30, 2013

But though this was a wild country, where it was unlikely that we should meet any living soul, there was always the possibility of a stray prospector or a hunter, and a dry garment in a wet time is a temptation which should not be put in any man’s way. Neither that nor the liquor […]

The Deep Unknown

| May 26, 2013

Near the end of August back in 2010, I published a piece here titled Being in the Wild: The Original Control/Alt/Delete. While I make no pretense that my meagre efforts are on a par with those of the worthy Albert Bigelow Paine (10 July 1861 – 9 April 1937); friend, companion, and biographer of none […]

The Uninvited

| May 23, 2013

This poem is based on my recent recommendation to some people who experienced just such a visit from the type who seem to have forgotten that the ceremonial disposal of missionaries was once a time honoured custom in some parts. The Uninvited By LFM Two people came to visit me Last Saturday at one. They […]

The Zealot

| May 20, 2013

Too often, religious zealotry is the problem, exclusive of brand. As it turned out, the woman who inspired this poem happened to be a devout Catholic, but she could just as easily have worn any number of “official” mantles. Sad to say, this is based on personal experience. The Zealot By LFM Loretta was a […]

LFM on Teaching the Child to Swear Well

| May 17, 2013

Profanity is not a true language, in and of itself. Rather, like a seasoning, it must be infused into language to enhance the message. Wielded well, and with proper timing, it approaches the potency of punctuation in clarifying intention and exorcising ambiguity. I believe most current Parenting doctrine wrongly eschews the Communicative Art inherent in […]

Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – Bear Necessities

| May 15, 2013

The Way of the Wild deals with Life, Death, who gets each, and when. For successful organisms, embracing this Way is not a choice, and of all things on the Earth, only one kind flirts with living as though this were not so – Man. For the most part, human society does not embrace Wild […]

The Mother of All Mothers

| May 12, 2013

This is a picture of my Mother. Yours too. Honour our Mother. Let our gift to Her be not limited to one date on a calendar, but rather that every one of us remain Truly deserving of the Life She gives and sustains every day of the year.

The Trying, the Failing, and the Doing

| May 11, 2013

Few things are more weakening to a culture than raising its children to believe that “trying your best” and failing can ever mark the end of accomplishment. Teaching that failure is a black mark on your soul. That it’s always best to play safe in all things. Bullshit. If you’re worth knowing, you’ve fallen off […]

The Tempest Has Left the Teapot

| May 4, 2013

Further to the outage warning we posted day before yesterday, as of last night, all our websites have been migrated to the new server. Allegedly, this should put paid to those pesky slowdowns and blackouts of recent history – a claim made more credible by the fact that it didn’t come from any government source.

Advice to a Young Lad

| May 3, 2013

Advice to a Young Lad By LFM If ye canno’ mak’ a woman laugh, M’ lad, ye dinna ken th’ haf! Jus’ bring her mirth each dawn of da’ And ‘fore th’ noon, yer kilt’s awa’! By light o’ dee an’ dirk o’ nicht, Th’ ladies like their humour licht, An’ all forgettin’, keep this […]