Winds of Change — Part the Sixth — Epilogue

Posted By on August 21, 2021


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  1. el hansh says:

    Lots of reading and a tad demanding to absorb in one sitting. However,…
    trying not to wax philosophical, the Book of Wind suggests the variances that may or may not fit a personal choice but rather, the seeming consequence of what leads to that choice. There are too many instances of being incapable of stalwart decision to render a circumstance to one’s specific delight. (I am avoiding references to my Self-Revealization Acceptance) Too often, choices desired to experience are not formed properly due to the inability correct definition for whatever reason.The ‘Otherness’ is a result of random wrong thoughts in a person or specifically, the exact approbation of the desire. No true way to know. “Strange” occurrences are not necessarily strange nor are they predisposed eventualities from unknown sources, again for whatever reason, and are generally called, by many non-erudite, miracles.
    Thought precedes eventuality. And as always, shit happens.

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