Promiscuity Can Lead to Demonic Possession

| October 26, 2008

In an article written by Hilary White posted to on 15 August 2008 titled “Westminster Exorcist Says Promiscuity can Lead to Demonic Possession“, 73 year-old Father Jeremy Davies is quoted as saying that, “Promiscuity, as well as homosexuality and pornography … is a form of sexual perversion and can lead to demonic possession … […]

Gott in Himmel

| October 26, 2008

In my first year of university I shared what was supposed to be a double room with two other guys, the inimitable Michael Gilbert Baker, presently of Nova Scotia Government fame, and a Monctonian named Bruce Andrew Hudson. Bruce’s major was computer science but, in the thoughtless exuberance that so often characterizes the decisions of […]

Try Not to be Too Self Important

| October 22, 2008

What’s all this about not talking on the phone while driving? Why is it necessary to even tell people that? When I first got into business in 1983 I used to welcome the relaxation of actually getting OUT of the office and away from the phones. People left messages. Shit still got done. I carry […]

Recipes Guaranteed to Get You Laid – Baked Ham With Mustard Glaze

| October 11, 2008

My ham gets attacked so soon after leaving the oven that it never gets a chance to be photographed. This is stock footage from the internet. Thanksgiving approaches, we’re having guests in, and Diana has ordered my famous ham as the main event. I am pleased to comply. Real men know how to cook, especially […]

Contemplations on Storm Driving

| October 3, 2008

When the weather sucks, and you can avoid driving in it, it’s always better to just stay home and have fun. Winter approaches. This week we jumped the gun and had our primary ride serviced for the big freeze. Yes, even the snow tires are on. The Large Fierce Mammal and his mate gotta stay […]