Dark Sentiments Eve

| September 30, 2016

The 7th season of our annual Dark Sentiments series begins tomorrow. We love the Autumn, and it evokes such joy in us that Mrs. LFM and I got married on an All Hallows Eve a long lovely time ago. In celebration of all that, and a bunch of other things I could no doubt remember […]

An Introduction to The Whiskey Cowboy

| September 25, 2016

Here’s an irony for you. On this day in 2011, reacting to yet another wave of panic of the kind that inevitably follows recirculation of the rumour that Facebook is about to become a pay for use service, I wrote on my personal Facebook page: I gladly pay to have my websites hosted. There is […]

A Proud Father Speaks

| September 3, 2016

The largest of our Small Fierce Mammals, Viktor, is three years old as of 02:10 Atlantic Daylight Time today. Tall for his age, smart, charming, witty, straight of stance and sound of limb, he’s developed a pattern of behaviour with his female contemporaries that is a wonder to behold. Released into any social setting that […]