Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 23: Who’s Hungry?

| October 23, 2022

Cultures the world over have funeral customs involving food. Food for the dearly departed to take on his or her journey into “the afterlife’, and of course food for those left behind. Relevant recipes abound and some funeral services will even provide suggestions for the menu. In these parts, and setting aside the still uncommon […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 21: Of Thorns and Roses

| October 21, 2022

“The thorn defends the rose, yet it is peaceful and does not seek conflict.” As you will surely know Goode Reader, I make little attempt to keep my appreciation for cold steel and those who deftly wield it any kind of a secret around here. Tonight, please join me in revisiting a representative rhyme from […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 18: Melancholia

| October 18, 2022

Money’s like a crop that can Be sown and reaped anon. Time is as a bottled dram, That, once it’s drunk, is gone. ~ Waste Not Your Dram ~ (Excerpt) Pissing your life away and regretting it in your dotage is a recurring theme in both art and life.

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 16: Broken Peach

| October 16, 2022

There hasn’t been enough musicality threading its way through this season and tonight’s Dark Sentiment aims to set that right with the lot of you. “Broken Peach is the Rock&Soul band. Formed early 2009, creating a new way of merging music with entertainment. BP differs from the typical cover bands, giving a personal sound to […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 13: Everybody’s the Villain in Someone’s Story

| October 13, 2022

On the heels of our last foray into the subject of inner monsters, tonight’s Dark Sentiment is about letting it out to play. Based on matters of which I may have some personal acquaintance, albeit not in the form of action but rather a promissory note. I am happy to report that the message was […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 9: Grim Hustle

| October 9, 2022

The “ABOUT” portion of the Grim Hustle YouTube channel says, “We are building a crime based cinematic universe.” Whatever they’re doing, I thoroughly enjoy everything about their short motivational films featuring wisdom and life advice from such worthies as “Russian Mafia Boss” and “our Ukrainian brother Roman, a.k.a. Kulak”.

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 5: Choral Sex

| October 5, 2022

Choral Sex (An irreverently offensive ditty) By LFM The parish priest in Port LeHoon Was sent away to face the tune. He’s now behind strong prison locks For methods most unorthodox. What caused the stir that did him in Was how his flock confessed their sin. At center of the sordid story We’ll find a […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 2: Facing (away from) the Music

| October 2, 2022

Who among us hasn’t heard, diplomatically thought, or outright spoken some iteration of, “Do you have a point to make or are you just talking out your ass?” Spoiler alert: It will happen again, but not because of today’s revelations on the historical genre of demonically inspired ass music. This age postures in its conceit […]

Dark Sentiments Season 13 — Day 1: Seize the Day!

| October 1, 2022

(Mrs. LFM photo – Click to enlarge) ~ Trails ~ (excerpt) One trail may run both smooth and straight, Through vistas wide and clear, So most may choose that one before The branch that’s dark and drear. The one that weaves through gnarly woods, ‘Cross rivers needing fording, With promise of adventure laced And evils […]

Dark Sentiments Season 12 — Day 1: Another Gathering

| October 1, 2021

Welcome back Goode Survivor to this, our dozenth season of Dark Sentiments! As usual, we meet tonight under a cloud of existential uncertainty, and what of it? We all know the ultimate in packing light is to simply bring the best of yourself, and besides, isn’t this what we’ve been preparing and training ourselves for […]