Yes, the Large Fierce Mammal is a Monarchist

| December 25, 2009

It wouldn’t be The Season without the Queen’s annual Christmas message. I just finished watching her 2009 broadcast on, of all things, YouTube. Who knew Buckingham Palace had a YouTube channel?

Some Seasonal Agony

| December 11, 2009

Jim Keating brought a timely website to my attention yesterday, the topic of which is the perennial December blossom called, by its correct scientific name, the “Sketchy Santa“. If you grew up in North America you’ve met at least one, and observed still others from a safe distance. The site needs no further introduction from […]

A Host of Furious Fancies – Chapter the Fifth

| December 8, 2009

This chapter of the saga (if you haven’t already, see A Host of Furious Fancies as well as Chapters the Second, Third, and Fourth) introduces my next choice of aircraft in the fictional fleet of  Golden Mountain Dog Solutions Air Services – the de Havilland Canada DHC6 Series 400 Twin Otter, now manufactured shiny and  […]