The Infectious Laugh of Margaret Powell

| June 30, 2016

This morning, and for reasons too convoluted to recount, I remembered an interview I watched back in my long lost childhood on a CBC Television show called Take 30. The interview was with Margaret Powell and was conducted by Adrienne Clarkson. Margaret Powell’s notoriety at the time arose from her memoir titled Below Stairs, based […]

Eschew the Feckless

| June 25, 2016

Just yesterday, my friend the Esteemed Cowboy John laid down this challenge: I used a word today that I simply love, and honestly don’t use enough. I don’t think it is used enough period. It is “feckless”. So I challenge my friends to USE this word today. Either in text or spoken. It is actually […]

Grohmann Knives – A Constructive Criticism of Customer Service

| June 5, 2016

Grohmann Knives (GK) designs and produces its excellent line of outdoor and kitchen cutlery from its factory outlet in Pictou, Nova Scotia. If there’s anyone who owns and uses a Grohmann knife anywhere in the world who can utter a substantive criticism of its quality and craftsmanship, he or she is a rare beast indeed, […]