You Ain’t From Around Here Are Ya?

| February 21, 2010

At left – Actress Kim McGuire in the role of “Hatchet Face” in the 1990 John Waters movie Cry-Baby. The movie postdates the events described here. My utterance had nothing whatsoever to do with Ms. McGuire’s characterization. I know it will be hard for most of my readers to believe, but I sometimes succumb to […]

Every Season Needs a Theme Song

| February 12, 2010

The daily dose of sunlight is obviously longer now than it was a month ago, but this fact notwithstanding, I’ve noticed in my travels that a lot of you are singing the blues of “seasonal affective disorder”, apparently to explain why you’re still the same pissy bitch you are at every other time of the […]

The “Mountie Tiger” Released On My Downloads Page!

| February 7, 2010

A few years back I did a fictional RCMP Air Services 70th Anniversary paint job on the beautifully modelled deHavilland Tiger Moth that was created and made available to the world of virtual aviation by Messrs. Warwick Carter and Garry J. Smith. The  nose art that appears in the screen shot above is decidedly not […]

The Best Marinated Herring I’ve Ever Tasted

| February 4, 2010

I grew up in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia in a time when most families made their own versions of every day food staples that we now simply go to the supermarket to buy. One of those was the pickled herring delicacy locally referred to as “Solomon Gundy”. Making Solomon Gundy requires herring that has been cleaned […]