A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 9: Books and the Art of Socialization

| December 29, 2013

“I am a product […of] endless books. My father bought all the books he read and never got rid of any of them. There were books in the study, books in the drawing room, books in the cloakroom, books (two deep) in the great bookcase on the landing, books in a bedroom, books piled as […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 8: Rankin-Bass Christmas Specials

| December 28, 2013

I’m of the generation that grew up watching Rankin-Bass Christmas specials. I remember them and their characters with fondness, bless their dead little eyes, with the notable exception of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that came out in December of 1964 and fanned my hatred of bullies. Yes, it was thoroughly entrenched even back then, and […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 7: What’s on YOUR Lips?

| December 27, 2013

“First off, to assume someone is actually happy is obscenely offensive. Secondly, to speculate that a person is on holiday is equivalent to slapping them in the face.” ~ Sharon Coyle, Canadian Association Alliance Back on the eleventh of this month, CBC radio show This is That interviewed Sharon Coyle (photo and quote above), of […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 6: A Winter Lesson in Community

| December 26, 2013

Nova Scotians complaining about the state of the province’s roads in the wake of Sunday’s winter storm should be careful how much they grumble. An old law still on the province’s books can order “all physically fit male persons” between 16 and 60 years of age to shovel out highways made impassable by snow. At […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 5: The 12 Deaths of Christmas

| December 25, 2013

I first introduced you to Katy Towell back on Day 22 of this year’s season of Dark Sentiments. Today she’s back with a wonderful ditty you can sing for yourself, and sally forth with to serenade the neighbourhood! Her original art is here and here. Also, courtesy of a fellow fan, there’s music and lyrics […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 4: A Christmas Announcement

| December 24, 2013

This poem was inspired by actual events. I was there when it all came to pass. A Christmas Announcement By LFM Once upon a time I knew A little girl with trouble. Instead of coming out her bum Her farts would form a bubble. The bubble would get stuck inside, And really hurt a lot, […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 3: The Art of Snow and Ice

| December 23, 2013

Winter, in latitudes where sub-freezing temperatures can occur, brings with it harsh realities that only frantic and organized preparation in the months prior can meet with any hope of success, leading to the passing down of parables such as the story of the ant and the grasshopper, and the legend of the Wendigo. This is […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 2: Of Pagans, Heathens, and the Noble Savage

| December 22, 2013

Written words are visual guides to the making of sounds that, when uttered aloud, convey meaning. An example is the word “label”. A label can be a physical object that, when applied to another object, conveys important information about it. What it’s made of, how to use it, how long it may be kept, and […]

A Long Winter’s Night 2013 – Day 1: Find Joy in the Darkness

| December 21, 2013

Winter begins today, and those of us who understand the joys of travelling dark forest trails can walk slower tonight, for there is more darkness to enjoy. As I recall, the last time we all gathered here for A Long Winter’s Night, we were staring down the barrel of yet another ending of the world. […]

What Would Crocodile Dundee Say?

| December 19, 2013

It’s no secret that I like big knives, but this isn’t what I mean when I use the reference. Nevertheless, we’d accept one of these for review, but pending that I’ll let this ad speak for itself.