Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 31: That’s a Wrap

| October 31, 2013

Hallowe’en has come, and with it the 5th anniversary of one of the greatest moments in my life – the day in 2008 when Mrs. LFM and I were married. We’re big on the anniversaries here, and so too are the forces of Nature that surround us it would seem, for many of ours coincide […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 30: A History Darker than Guinness

| October 30, 2013

Of all the peoples in all the lands, none harbours such a brooding darkness as the Irish, and of the history of their nation, there is none anywhere dark enough to compare. Even the national drink is impenetrable. Today we have the tale of a hapless traveller serendipitously gifted with an encounter that will leave […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 29: A Review of “Likeness” by Erin Zingré

| October 29, 2013

Back on Day 13 I made reference to The Order of the Good Death, the mission statement of which is, in part: The Order is about making death a part of your life. That means committing to staring down your death fears- whether it be your own death, the death of those you love, the […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 28: The Eyes Have It

| October 28, 2013

The beauty of the feminine eye can lend itself to embellishment that transcends natural gifts, and as the ecstatically happy Mate, Husband, and co-conspirator of a Woman with eyes both to live and to die for, it is my decree that today’s Dark Sentiment is all about seasonal eye candy. This year has seen the […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 27: Dane-Geld

| October 27, 2013

On the heels of yesterdays Dark Sentiment that spoke of magickal invisibility rings and the weakness of Man in favour of evil doing in the face of certain – or at least perceived – anonymity, today I present something a bit more uplifting. A School History of England was written by C.R.L.Fletcher and Rudyard Kipling, […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 26: The Ring of Gyges

| October 26, 2013

I believe in the spirit of Man as well as the matter. I have seen great courage in men, and women, too;seen them do great things for each other, for their nations, for the world, with a kind of selfless vision that cannot be accounted for by the base, brute self-interest of the body. But […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 25: Fecal Matters

| October 25, 2013

Today’s Dark Sentiment may or may not be appropriately titled, but no matter. What follows was inspired by SFM, and led to me turning an old joke I heard a long time ago from a Bermudian broadcaster into a poem that ends with poop. Before that though, it has a near death experience, rescue, bad […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 24: On Human Suffering

| October 24, 2013

Let’s begin today’s Dark Sentiment with a word from Agony, courtesy of the inimitable Katy Towell. A bit of shameless self-promotion on the part of Agony, I agree. We all know that human suffering, as rivetingly horrible as it may be to those experiencing it, and as flavour enhancing as it may be to bystanders […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 23: Mourning Picture

| October 23, 2013

In 1890, American artist Edwin Romanzo Elmer (1850–1923) painted the family portrait that is the subject of today’s Dark Sentiment. It depicts the artist, his wife, and their daughter Effie, who died shortly before it was painted. Even a cursory examination reveals the mother  to be shrouded in shadow while the child and everything associated […]

Dark Sentiments 2013 – Day 22: Katy Towell

| October 22, 2013

Katy Towell’s Childrin R Skary website describes its creator as, “… a graphic designer, writer and illustrator in Portland, OR with dreams of one day being the scary old lady in the house about which all the neighborhood children tell ghost stories.” I don’t personally consider children to be skary, regardless of spelling, but then […]