Full Yellow Jacket

| July 26, 2016

As you all know, I don’t mete out death lightly. That being said, there are some affronts that cannot be ignored and being the recipient of an unprovoked attack by a Wasp is one of them. I would also point out that had I come to know the offender was a transient whose home was […]

Dress From the Inside Out

| July 25, 2016

My Mother always admonished me to put on clean underwear every morning because you never know when you’ll encounter a kind offer for sex. Or in case you get in an accident of some other sort. Anyway, that was a long time ago so the actual reason is vague, but the message was conveyed with […]

The Song of the Hand Dug Well

| July 21, 2016

Mrs. LFM, Bairns, Dogs and I live in an antique farm house the original construction of which predates electricity and indoor plumbing. The wise and hard working crew who threw their blood, sweat, and tears into its building and sustenance dug a well 20 feet deep on the hill overlooking the house, and by their […]

Scythe and Sword Revisited

| July 17, 2016

  The title of this piece carries forward from one I wrote back in April of 2014, and is motivated by fallout from my joyous efforts in restoring a very nice old scythe to service. It joined the LFM stable of steel about a month ago courtesy of the Esteemed Peter Thompson. Wooden snathed (the […]