Dusty – A Treasured Gift Forever

| January 27, 2012

Today, at approximately 12:30 PM Atlantic Time, Mrs LFM and I were with Dusty when he took his last breath. He wasn’t in pain or discomfort, but the past 48 hours had seen a decline in his health and joie de vivre that told us it was time. He was 15, and throughout his long, […]

A Sabre’s Not For Rattling

| January 23, 2012

Today we’ll celebrate the True Arte of the Sabre in all its lethal beauty. Rarely seen here in North America, this connects with what I talked about in my 16 May 2011 article, To the Point. I assert that society suffered a major setback when it cast aside swordsmanship as one of the essential foundations […]

We Need This Everywhere

| January 17, 2012

“I wanted girls to gain confidence to be themselves, and not just quiet wives working, working and swallowing all the time their own dreams….” ~ Katerina Tarnouska, founder of Asgarda If you’ve spent any time here, you’ll know a couple of things. First, how much I appreciate strong, intelligent women; and second, that the foundation […]

Of Doers and Talkers

| January 16, 2012

Doers and Talkers By LFM The Doers and the Talkers Are as a breed apart. While Doers work and get things done, The Talkers never start. The Talker never does a thing But bend the Doer’s ear, The noise he makes comes from his mouth, Not tools and working gear. This happens from a simple […]


| January 15, 2012

The inspiration for this poem came while I was reading the intro to my Esteemed Friend Laurie Lacey’s 15 January 2012 Natural Healing Talk newsletter. Some day soon, Mrs. LFM and Laurie’s Lady Rita, will tolerate Laurie and me sitting by a fire all night inspiring each other to even worse inscriptions than this! The […]

A Grande Arte

| January 7, 2012

Many of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen are in the so called “B movie” category. There is a lot of absolute crap to be found there to be sure, but the number of true gems that one uncovers among them makes the hunt worth while. Once upon a time, in my neck of […]

Guns + Explosives + Black Humour + Russian Accent = Entertainment

| January 5, 2012

Another serendipitous discovery happened today by the name of FPS Russia. A self described “Professional Russian“, this guy doesn’t need anyone to do his talking for him so I’ll turn him loose with a couple of gems to show you what I mean. And like he says, don’t try any of these tricks at home.

Starting 2012 Rediscovering the Woman of My Dreams

| January 4, 2012

The way our work weeks are structured, field work in the service of clients runs from Friday through to Tuesday with Sunday usually taken for personal use, and Wednesday through to Thursday is reserved for administrative paperwork, writing and other creative pursuits, training and development of our own Pack, and quality us time. Yesterday being […]

Who Needs a Title With an Intro Like That?

| January 2, 2012

If you’ve gotten far enough to read this after Mrs. LFM’s title photo, and if you believe the hype, the year just ended will also mark the end of the calendar printing industry because 2012 is it. Well, Mrs. LFM and I have appointments the day after Armageddon so that shit’s not on for us. […]