Canada – Little Known Facts

| June 30, 2011

I have no small number of non-Canadian friends and I never tire of educating them about customs in my country. Tomorrow is Canada Day and I will be far too busy doing that most Canadian of things – canoeing with my Mate – to write anything here, so on this Canada Day Eve I am […]

I Heart My Life

| June 26, 2011

My father was the oldest of seven children, and he, along with every one of his siblings, suffered from heart disease and high blood pressure. My father was diagnosed with angina when he was 40, and by the time he was 55  ended up with a triple bypass that saved his life and at last […]

Musings of an Apprentice Mower

| June 16, 2011

“A goodly man the mower is, With sinews tough as twisted rods, A form of manly grace is his, A head as trenchant as a god’s “A man of thought; the harvest o’er, Its heats and triumphs left behind, He rests, and gives himself once more To pleasures of the heart and mind.” ~ from […]