A Couple of Tunes for the Sake of the Day

Posted By on March 17, 2013


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  1. Martin McKenna says:

    The Parting Glass – ” Fekken Brilliant “.

    And a toast fittin the day

    ” Fill with mingled cream and amber,
    I will drain that glass again.
    Such hilarious visions clamber
    Through the chamber of my brain.
    Quaintest thoughts, queerest fancies
    Come to life and fade away.
    What care I how time advances;
    I am drinking ale today. ”
    –Edgar Allen Poe

    Happy St Pats
    Martin M

    • Randy says:

      My Esteemed Friend Martin, may your coffin be built from the wood of a thousand year old Oak tree that I promise to plant as soon as the ground thaws.

      And now on to this from the Great Spike Milligan:

      We have cracked the midnight glass
      And loosed the racketing star crazed night into the room.
      The blind harp sings in the late fire light.
      Your hand is decked with white promises.
      What wine is this?
      There are Squirrels chasing in my glass.
      Good God.
      I’m pissed.

  2. Now I'll have to die 9 Times! Salute my friend!

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