Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – Beware of Labels

Posted By on March 20, 2013


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  1. SparkyLee Anderson says:

    A fine response Sir ; ).

  2. […] Similarly, there is no “gay love” or “straight love”, there is only love. There is no “gay marriage” or “mixed marriage”, there is only marriage. There are no “women’s rights” or “gay rights”, there are only rights. In not one of these examples is there justification for tagging violence, love, marriage, or rights with a qualifying label branding it as something different from every other expression of it. The term “racial hatred” doesn’t define a special brand of hatred. There is only hatred, and “racial” is the excuse for its existence – a label. The same goes for “religious intolerance”. ~ Wordly Wisdom Wednesday – Beware of Labels […]

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