The Large Fierce Mammal School of Gentlemanly Arts

Posted By on May 22, 2010


2 Responses to “The Large Fierce Mammal School of Gentlemanly Arts”

  1. Uncle Fluffatron says:

    Thank you sir for this post. I have always endeavored to open a door for a lady, not only in the hope of seeing heaving bosoms, but for the simple fact that was the way I was raised (Heaving bosoms are an added perk).

    When I travel with my beautiful bride she does most of the driving…as I am akin to a dog with my head and tongue flapping in the wind…but when we exit the vehicle she is ahead of me with the next shopping target or restaurant firmly locked in her eyes. My job is to ensure I beat her to the door and hold it proudly and firmly so she may continue on her quest unimpeded.

  2. Cyberstud says:

    Hey you need to teach cyberstud some gentlemanly behaviours as I do believe he is in serious need of your schooling. Signed his much under appreciated female companion

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