To Be Or Not To Be

A Guest Post By Eric E. Noeldechen

Posted By on April 17, 2011


4 Responses to “To Be Or Not To Be

A Guest Post By Eric E. Noeldechen”

  1. TZwicker says:

    Amen!!!! Complete Agreement and nothing that Randy and I haven’t discussed a hundred times!!

  2. Cyberstud says:

    interesting take.

    i approve.

    fuck the tree hugging grocery hoarding whores.

    get out and earn your meal!

    Stu Dunn Sr.

  3. Hey Guys…

    Thank you very much…

    One thing I would like to say about the Trophy hunting.. It’s not really my ball of wax although I do have my first black bear mounted, however I’m not necessarily hunting for a trophy per say.

    In regards to the animals that are hunted in Africa, not only do they create much needed jobs for armed security, conservation officers and tourism in general, the meat from these animals is distributed to many villages and feeds countless numbers of people. These people have the absolute right to live off the land as anyone else.

    It is Greed that causes the problems, no matter Where you go. If a Natural Resource is used and managed properly there can be harmony between man and beast.

    Keep your Rod Stiff and your Tip Fast!
    (my tag line when I wrote for The Fishing Network)
    Eric E. Noeldechen

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