A Call To Arms! – Breed Specific Legislation is a Crime

Posted By on April 18, 2011


3 Responses to “A Call To Arms! – Breed Specific Legislation is a Crime”

  1. Selina says:

    Well said as always Randy! I hope the right people read this, BSL is for ignorant, uneducated, and just down right stupid people, who are looking for a quick fix, like lazy parents who put their kids on ridilin, cuz they dont want to have to deal with them. BSL should just stand for Bull Shit Law. It will not fix anything, and anyone who has half a brain should know that. the problem is, alot of ppl dont have half a brain.

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    As the proud owner of a pit bull type dog, BSL scares the hell out of me. There have been a couple of bills put forth here in NJ, and fortunately they were stopped by concerned citizen outrage. I wonder how long before they rear their ugly heads again.
    From the first time I interracted with a pit bull (my first dog Apollo) who jumped into the open door of my truck and began licking my face–no time to be afraid of him….
    I can’t help it if the pit bull type dog breed found its way into my heart, but I can’t seem to own any other breed. I’ve known these dogs to be kind, loving and solid and if they passed BSL I would pack up and move to a friendlier place.

    • Randy says:

      Thank you for your comment Gary. On that last point about moving under those circumstances, Diana and I are in the lives of our dogs to the death, and anything that threatens them will necessitate what it necessitates from us because they will never see their trust in us to be misplaced or betrayed. Obviously you are of the same mind. Salute to you my friend.

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