The Song of the Hand Dug Well

Posted By on July 21, 2016


4 Responses to “The Song of the Hand Dug Well”

  1. If we didn't laugh, we'd cry!

  2. Jay Heathman says:

    Well done, so to speak. A nice bit of whimsy can brighten anyone's day. the pattern of the poem and the underlying them,e also reminds me of a poem I read about 60 years ago. Don't remember the author.

    "The Optimist fell ten stories
    and at each window bar
    he called to those inside who gasped,
    "I'm quite alright so far!"

  3. Jay Heathman says:

    ^^^ that phrase has always interested me. In the realm of possibilities, what if we humans, upon seeing something incredibly funny, reacted by sobbing and wailing? Or if someone told a joke that fell flat,we burst into tears and smote our breast with grief? Or better yet, what if our reaction to great humor was to shriek and scream at top volume? A comedy film festival would result in ear splitting screams akin to those falling into Hell's deepest abyss. But would it seem normal if everyone did it?

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