Muddy Waters

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  1. Randy says:

    Thanks as always Stu. I laughed my ass off, and can’t wait for your regulatory updates.

  2. To be honest, I had no idea this had happened. I don’t follow the news all that much, but events like this sicken me.

    The problem of the lawmakers grouping everything together, such as these “attacks” by certain breeds, is much like the problems we can see with most any law. They don’t seem to take it case by case, rather take it by a VERY large group of events, and base everything from them. I could go on for hours about this problem!!

    Aside from my ranting about problems in the Government, I strongly believe you would make a huge difference by voicing your knowledge, and experience during all of this.

    I’m kind of stuck for words, and trying to stay away from talking about the Government, maybe it will be a blog post of my own soon 😉

  3. Randy says:

    Speak your mind Sean. Speak your mind.

  4. Gary Carbone says:

    As an owner of a “pit bull” type dog (my 4th), I also find this kind of slanted journalism to be very frightening. A couple years ago there was some kind of bill going around in NJ where owners of specific breeds, e.g., Rottweiler, Pit bull, etc., would have to pay huge fees and muzzled in public. Fortunately people spoke out and the bill did not go through, but there was one Congressman who obviously had an agenda about this.

    In NYC, the District Attorney (Cyrus Vance Jr.) has made pocket knives his pet war. Many businesses in NY were threatened with huge fines over folding knives and utility knives. Try to walk down the street in NYC with a knife clipped to your pants pocket, if the police see it, you will be stopped and the knife likely confiscated.

    We can protect ourselves but the dogs need us to protect them against these ignorant fools. As I begin learning from my past mistakes with dogs, I become a better dog owner. It is especially sad to see pit bull owners who are clueless to the power there dogs have. When these good dogs go bad, whose fault is it?

  5. julio says:

    Amen Randy, amen.


  6. mike rooney says:

    so effing true! why was the child near the dog to begin with?

  7. Peter says:

    “If good men do nothing evil will prevail”
    May would say what relevance does this have with a bad interaction ( aka attack) between a dog (ANY) and a boy . The animals were here long before humans .Somewhere along the way DOGS befriended man and became an inseparable symbiotic team . One would hope that during all this time humans would have learned what the dogs have had to say .Dogs have never changed their language ,action ,reaction ….ever . WHY THE FUCK CAN”T DOG OWNERS ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for their pets ( DOGS SEE THE FAMILY AS A PACK , ) this includes eating , playing ,sleeping ,standing guard , etc…. UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE OWNER . Would you let you 5 yr old and visiting friend play with a sharp knives ? Dogs can’t pull their teeth to go play . I have been bit by dogs in the past . One such occurrence was do to a bad bitch attitude of the owner .The dog was doing its part in guarding the pack .The owner knew the reaction her dog was going to have to her mood . She used her dog as an extension of her bitchiness. It did not attack , it simply bit ,and did it well .I wouldn’t put a complaint in as the old dog would have paid for the act of an evil person. I can totally corroborate your position of fact that the Dog in question WAS NOT ATTACKING . Society for the most part is BLIND, DUMB,and DEAF to how well dogs behave all the while in a society that sees them as humanized. GEEESSS !!!


    For dogs It is high time that good men speak up .

    How do we think we will measure up when our Master asks how we have treated each other ?
    I am sad to say our species would not be just muzzled . What would He say about how we have misused,tortured ,condemned, the animals He has put under our care ? Dogs will always fare better on judgment day.

    Randy & Diana I always find your blogs entertaining , truthful ,and to the point ,and the ones of animals inspiring .

  8. Silvia Jay says:

    In my opinion, an attack is whenever a dog’s motivation is to get rid off a real or perceived intruder. That can mean to drive away or eliminate, and which one it is depends on the dog’s genetic make-up, past learning and feedback from the environment at the moment. Behavior is always a combination of nature, nurture and present situation. That means that even though a dog might have the opportunity to kill, an attack doesn’t always end in a kill – in fact regarding dogs it typically doesn’t.
    There are other reasons why dogs bite children, which I would not classify as an attack: over-the-top, out-of-control play, a correction the dog gives if he’s learned that kids can be treated like litter mates, self-defense if parents allow children to treat dogs like toys – something I think you referred to in your August 15 post, Randy, and something I see often in my line of work as well. While the little darlings are allowed to do anything to the dog, he isn’t even allowed to give a growling warning of displeasure, and if retreat is prevented as well, the dog eventually explodes.
    What motivated Sarge to bite the boy we won’t know cause adults weren’t present, and even if they were, sometimes it is difficult to determine where a dog’s coming from. I do wonder about the owner’s comment though that he is protective of his territory, so that might be an indication.
    In any case, should a dog who could have severely maimed or killed but didn’t, so had a good amount of self-control and inhibition, be euthanized? I lean toward no, and I say lean because I would never make definite comment unless I see the dog.
    Should he be returned to the owner?
    My personal criteria if a dog with a bite history should continue to live in the same home are: does the owner(s) comprehend and acknowledge the mistakes made that led to the bite, and is s/he willing and able to take the necessary steps to prevent an incident in the future.
    Again, I lack the necessary facts for me to have a definite opinion about Sarge’s owner, but I wonder about the comment that in future he will investigate how comfortable his visitors are around his dog. How about managing his dog in a way that prevents him from deciding what to do with someone who enters the property? That would keep all visitors safe, regardless of their comfort level.

    • Randy says:

      Wisdom as always Silvia. We always appreciate your replies. As of a few days ago, we have been retained to assess this situation, and more will be revealed in future posts.

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