Masculinity and Rites of Passage

Posted By on July 21, 2018


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  1. El Hansh says:

    The Rites of Passage appear to have become a notion of the past. Unfortunately, most ‘civilized’ groups do not seem to give it the importance that perhaps, ‘aboriginal’ tribes would. I look back on my RoP and it was for me the military though not from a ‘solo’ perspective though in essence, I was completely cut off from anything I previously knew of.
    The singularity and sudden experience of total reliance on one’s own self can take many forms, but for some reason it is now looked upon as an unnecessary function in the growing up process as we have become a society that is more and more dependent on others assuming a faux responsibility for the masses and creating a depth of despair when it comes to individuality regardless of the efforts foisted on people to think they are unique; the advent of which is that it is totally acceptable to blame others for shortcomings and irresponsibility.
    More as you develop this offering…

  2. Julian says:

    I recall how we had to move a giant brass urn filled with blazing coals, using our forearms.,…wait…. oh, never mind, I fell into a drunken stupor watching Kung Fu again,,,,

    • Randy says:

      Not to worry Julian. By my observations, this falling into a drunken stupor watching King Fu is a common problem. That and Sonny Chiba movies.

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