Hunter’s Truth

Posted By on April 7, 2021


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    Very well crafted braiding of will ,means, death,and life
    To those really alive it is the art of Living. Dogs understand this truth.
    Randy you never disappoint . Salute!

  2. hanshi says:

    Sage advice. Nice to have you back.

    • Randy says:

      Well thank you Steve, although as you know, I never left but rather continued toiling in the shadows.

  3. Gary M Carbone says:

    If Hemingway wrote poetry–greetings Brother!

    • Randy says:

      Thank you Gary, and he actually did dabble in it, producing such uplifting ditties as this:

      Desire and
      All the sweet pulsing aches
      And gentle hurtings
      That were you,
      Are gone into the sullen dark.
      Now in the night you come unsmiling
      To lie with me
      A dull, cold, rigid bayonet
      On my hot-swollen, throbbing soul.

      No wonder he drank so much.

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