Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 25: The Godlike Overview

Posted By on October 25, 2016


2 Responses to “Dark Sentiments Season 7 – Day 25: The Godlike Overview”

  1. Steve says:

    Brilliant. How on earth (or whatever) do you find these clips?

  2. julian says:

    As my dear Uncle Walter would have said, Yippee Ki Yay, something something…. THIS was the most delightful gift I could have received to lift my spirits. I have not had anyone show such kindness to me since, well, since that night in Bangkok at Madam U Thieu’s House of Sweet Surprises, back before I ever even heard the word ‘ladyboy’.
    Seriously, I am honored by your generosity in sharing this. It will be a favorite of mine and something I will share with others.
    And yes, death is a fascinating thing indeed, a mystery, a terror, a relief, a dread companion and a welcome deliverer, all dependent on the who and the when and the how.
    There have actually been a dozen times that I was at the gates; three of those times I felt the body beginning to close down as I did last week. But then, as before, it was not the fear of leaving that caused my struggle, but the need to care for those who would be left behind as orphans ( my dogs). Well, that and the fact that I have so much ammo saved up for the Apocalypse that I would feel a bit cheated without the chance to down at least a few dozen of the throbbing, gristle-shining undead. Thank you again, my noble friend – know that I treasure you and your family, two legged, four legged, feathered finned and furred, and hold you in the highest esteem possible. Blessings to you all.

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