Advent of a Small Fierce Mammal – September 2013

Posted By on November 17, 2013


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  1. Diana Whynacht says:

    I love these pictures.
    It was a rough time, but it was all incredible 🙂

  2. Randy L. Whynacht says:

    There can be no higher accolade bestowed. Now EVERYONE must go and see it all for themselves.

  3. J.j. Aulenbach Choo says:

    Great story. Cute baby ( ;

  4. Your blog has often brought tears to my eyes, of all kinds. This one makes me actually sob with joy. Just thinking about your family makes me well up, every time. Much love to y'all and as always but specifically now… thank you for sharing your blessings as well as your craft.

  5. Silvia Jay says:

    Beautiful! The event (minus the scary parts), the photos, and the three of you.

  6. Anne Mills says:

    A stunning series of photos. Wish we had had the presence of mind to make such a documentary for our 2 but then that was not in the digital era. Poor Chris didn't even get his photos taken at the hospital – the photographer was on Christmas holiday!

  7. Chris Mills says:

    In the case of your two offspring, some things are better left to the imagination…

  8. Anne Mills says:

    Chris Mills Now that's unfair! especially as you two are most cherished! Now where are those baby photographs. I need to dig them out.

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