Made in Canada with Polish Parts

Posted By on September 8, 2013


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  1. J.j. Aulenbach Choo says:

    This is such an exciting time for you and Diana! I'm just glad that all went well even though Diana's labour was so long and ended in a c-section. Even though it was a long grueling process, bringing home that little gift from God outweighs any of that! Give a little hug and kiss to baby Viktor for me ( : Make sure you take good care of he and Diana. All the best to your new family!

  2. Shaun Whynacht says:

    Congratulations, I didn't even know you were pregnant. If it wasn't for Facebook I wouldn't even know anything. A new member of the family.

  3. An unforgettable event of a life time for all three of you. A true work of love. I Salute you!

  4. Paula Cardinell says:

    I get goosebumps each time I think of your family 🙂 Goosebumps and more than a little optimistic for the future. It seems there will be a man child good enough for my grand daughter after all!

  5. Leroy says:

    Multi-congratulations. From his parental ancestry, I’m sure he will be “one who conquers”. God bless. Leroy.

  6. Ann McKenna says:

    The photo says it all! Congrats again.

  7. Gratulacje! niech ro?nie zdrowo.

  8. My deepest congratulations to you both. My own folks were people to be respected and admired so it's not often that I see a child I envy, but this boy has the potential for amazing greatness. Teach him well.

  9. […] of paths of a particularly dark day in the lives of many with a particularly brilliant day in mine. The birth this year of our beautiful and much anticipated son Viktor, herein referred to – at least for a while – as the SFM (Small Fierce Mammal), occurred […]

  10. […] Beyond the announcement of his birth, I still haven’t given you my complete perspective on the experience of bringing Baby LFM into the world, but that day will come. Some of it will no doubt be revealed in snippets sprinkled here and there in items written here by either Mrs. LFM or me, and still more in dedicated collaborative articles. Mrs. LFM has her The Bared Breast series that will address the specifics of being a breast feeding Woman in Nova Scotia, and I will soon be starting a new series tentatively titled Fathercraft that will look at the philosophy, methods, and practice of raisin’ up a kid or two, all presented in the usual LFM style. But all this is after the fact because remember, I started off today by saying that, “I still haven’t given you my complete perspective on the experience of bringing Baby LFM into the world,” and by that I specifically refer to those 45 harrowing hours of labour, an episode of fetal distress, and the ensuing emergency C-section that brought Baby LFM into the world. Both Mrs. LFM and I are still a little too close to that experience to be able to speak to it with the clarity and sensitivity it deserves, so be patient good reader. […]

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