A Long Winter’s Night – Dark Creatures for Dark Times

Posted By on December 28, 2011


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hey Randy!
    I had forgotten all about that rather tall elf…but it’s coming back to me now. I WISH I had some photos to share…
    Merry Christmas!

    • Randy says:

      Oh Stephanie, that elf says he remembers you too, and all too well! What else he said I can’t reveal further because that shit’s vile.

  2. Martin M says:

    If ever there was a creature to fit well within a post ” Dark Creatures for Dark Times ” it would have to be – Fuck Off the Christmas Elf. There are few dark creatures that appear within my personal christmas season calendar, but I must admit to enjoying fond memories of this particular dark creature, and they always come to mind during the lead up to the christmas season. This lesser known of Santa’s minions deserves a distinct honorable mention in your “Long Winter’s Night” posts. It is unfortunate that we do not have photographic evidence of his existence and I dare not bring up the topic of faith based belief, especially at this time of the year and on this particular blog.

    I am happy to have crossed paths today especially if the ” Gods of Serendipity ” deemed it a necessary meeting to shake this particular character out of the cobwebs within which he had been hiding. I am not certain whether our meeting was serendipitous or ironic, given that my last appearance in your blog resulted from our meeting at the same location during ” Dark Sentiments “. I do believe however that we must find an opportunity to cross paths again and perhaps take a few hours and drinks to relive some of these memories and perhaps create a few new ones.

    As always

    Martin M

    • Randy says:

      I agree Martin. We can’t continue to leave our meetings up to serendipity, or any other kind of dip for that matter … except hummus. I like hummus. This meeting up in grocery stores, we’re like two guys showing up by the water hole once a year because they’re both trying to kill the same deer.

      Those hours and drinks will need to get scheduled, and no mistake! They’ll be even more enjoyable in light of the fact that Mrs. LFM knows where all the bodies are buried, and regularly helps me dust the skeletons in my closet, some of which know your name.

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