A Long Winter’s Night — Ascent to Spring Edition: Celebrating History in a Glass

Posted By on January 20, 2019


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  1. Thank you! Though you had insider information as to the new show name. lol My first couple shows are rougher than I would like, but I will be smoothing them out, like fine whiskey as I plot along. I hope folks enjoy the shows and tune in for future shows. I am currently working on tomorrow’s show, which will be quite the ride.

    For those unfamiliar with the term “breaking leather” (The new name for the show.), it is the act of drawing a pistol from its leather holster. I have often said that if anyone saw me out and about and I broke leather, they should find cover, because things were going to get rough. Well, it suits the show….. since I will be breaking leather on a good many topics. Cheers!

    • Randy says:

      You are most welcome Goode Sir! Truth be told, I didn’t exploit insider knowledge, it was far sneakier than that. The “Breaking Leather” byline appears on the podcast site right th’ now!

      As to the matter of doling out penalty points for self-perceived “unnecessary roughness”, any of us who set out to create anything of value start rougher than we’d like, and as often as not on looking back from a while down the road, are not unlike Pig Pen in the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Told he was, “… an absolute mess …” and shown his own face in a mirror, he replied, “On the contrary. I didn’t think I looked THAT good.”

      It’s been my experience that the pikers think their outcomes are unassailably perfect from the get go. To once again quote my Esteemed High School English Teacher, Paul Brison, “Works of art are never finished. They’re abandoned.”

      • LOL Fair enough. When I wrote that, I had forgotten I had prepped the podcast site already, in advance of the actual show name change with the upcoming show. Working too hard. 😉

        I think you and others are going to like the upcoming show, I am cranking it up a bit. Cheers!

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