Worldly Wisdom Wednesday – The True Arte of Intelligent Discourse

Posted By on February 6, 2013


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  1. Nothing like a nose to nose for a truly inspiring argument. I look forward to our next clash of mind and word over Scotch.

  2. Silvia Jay says:

    We invited our daughter, from a very young age on, to intelligently argue with us if she disagreed with any of the rules we set, and to question society’s rules as well. As long as she, age-appropriately, used words and not rage, and listened when we spoke and thought before she replied, she could argue about anything with us. I wouldn’t raise a child any other way, but it didn’t always go over well with some outside teachers, especially the religious kind.
    When Yana was 4 years old she requested to go to Sunday school. We are not church goers, but most of her friends went. Of course we let her. The kids were picked up with the bus, and dropped off a few hours later. Yana lasted about a couple of months before she came home one Sunday, all decked out, threw her gloves and purse in the corner and asserted that she’ll never go back there again, because they – the teacher – “don’t know what they are talking about”. Apparently she got into an argument over something she claimed as truth and Yana didn’t understand why and wanted clarification, and was told because “God said so”. I was a proud momma that day.

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