Winds of Change — Part the Third — A Leaf in the Face Beats a Tree on the Head

Posted By on August 8, 2021


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  1. el hansh says:

    The falling tree incident reminds of a few years back when I had a car and parked it on the street, moving it from side to side depending on when the sweeper would be coming by. There was a series of strong winds buffeting the trees throughout the neighborhood but with nothing serious to report. Eventually, it was time to leave the car after having served the requisite time to stay with the vehicle.I walked to the rear of my car and began to open the trunk and went back around to the driver’s side to get something from the front seat. Suddenly, a loud crack and the entire tree from across the street,fell directly at me. I jumped back not a moment too soon and crashed into a woman wheeling her child in a stroller and knocked her down. Needless to say, had I not gone back to the car, probably significant injuries would have been experienced. When all was done, I looked into my pocket and what I had gone back for was therein.


    The universe speaks ,we listen, sometimes aware,sometimes not.
    Many times unaware of the reason. There is always a reason.

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