Welcome to Canada — The Country Where Nothing is Ever Settled

Posted By on May 2, 2020


2 Responses to “Welcome to Canada — The Country Where Nothing is Ever Settled”


    Very well delivered .

    I really like the fact that current laws were useless in this crime .

    Making a knee jerk action is a sign of political survival ,nothing more .

    The bad guy (gun ) has been found out . Everybody is safer hmmm. ( sarcasm ) Holy Shit !!!

    Very well done
    Good Sir.

    Peter Thompson

  2. Hanshi says:

    Laws only work when people observe them in which case most laws would not have to be written.

    If someone breaks the law, the penalty should be definitively exacted without special privilege coming into play.

    That will never happen though and so it is required the everyone begin to look out for him or her self as the fabric of society terminates its original intention.

    Laws should be made by the people and enacted by the elected officials and obviously not the other way around which is what we are witnessing all over the planet.

    Liberal mentalities cause the breakdown when they are put to the task of having to accept personal responsibility which in most cases they are intellectually incapable of doing and emotionally stagnant..

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