Trouble With Immigrants

Posted By on November 15, 2015


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  1. Steve says:

    Excellent perspectives, R. You fundamentallhy covered all aspects with the two points you illustrate. It is unfortunate that the (at one time) legitimate immigrants have to suffer the perenial slings and arrows,and more unfortunately, they are chosen for resemblance rather than radicalism. The elected officials dither back and forth with regards to dealing with the mass insurgence of illegals whiele those who are charged with controlling the situation are constantly ordered to do the reverser of what they are trying to make sense of. The Paris Debacle is horriboly just a beginning as the enemy ramps up their attacks that generally go unchallenged except now that France has unleashed their own vitriolic campaign to wipe out the barbarians. Our leadership will no doubt have to corroborate and reinforce French efforts but I am afraid to think that Obama will again find a reason to overlook the horror and imply a total disregard as he continues to permit mass illegal entry uinder the misconceived largess of humanity and damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. We, the US, are fed up with the resultant paranoia of these attacks that has steadily grown cancerously since 9/11. Before that, there was the USS Cole, then the consulate attacks in Africa that the Whore of Babylon considers no big deal. I remember when 250 (I think that is the number) US Marines were killed, or slaughtered as the case may be in Lebanon and again we did nothing to kill the violators. As you point out, Israel is a perfect example of being under the constant threat of annihiolation and is kept under restraint becasue of a 30 billions a year foreign aid allocation. I tis a frightening way to live and although it is thousands of miles away for NY, the general consensus of groups like the Anti-defamation Leauge, etal, continue to talk in terms of assuagement. NY is one of the alrgest Jewish populations outside of Israel andI meet people daily who disregard the eventuality of it happening again, here Utter disbelief and denail will cause the situation to develop even further as time dwindles by. We have also begun repopulating areas in the Western US such as Idaho, Montana, and Washington as santuaries for the masses of refugees coming into the states. They are Muslim for the most part ad I feel sincrely when I say that if they willcome to build a new world for themselves and follow the ‘rules’ as they might be, then I am all for it. But, as with the situation in Dearbornistan, outside of Detroit, there will alwyas be a radical segment looking to do away with the American ideal. THey are able to do this becuase those in charge overlook the possibility of it happening. And while the so-called leaders only talk and talk and talk, the enemy within is building up fortifications. Make no mistake about it.
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