To Live in the Hearts We Leave Behind is Not to Die

Guest Post by Mrs. LFM

Posted By on March 24, 2011


9 Responses to “To Live in the Hearts We Leave Behind is Not to Die

Guest Post by Mrs. LFM”

  1. Randy says:

    And Ryszard, when we all meet, the drinks are on me. Forever.

  2. Lynda Naugler says:

    … less seems more right now, so with that being said, here are my thoughts ~ beautiful ~ You too mirror your father ~ understanding, encouraging, sympathetic, inspiring and above all, loving.

  3. Izabella Kleszczynski says:

    This is beautiful! I’m proud of you- my blood for sure courses through your veins:-) And I’m proud of you and Daddy, that you resolved the differences before it was too late.It is painful to live with regrets, and even though I know you have some, but at least you don’t have to live with the big one
    This poem, and your reminiscences, brought tears to my eyes. Love you Baby ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Leroy Hearn says:

    Truly from the heart, Diana. May God bless ! Leroy.

  5. Peter says:

    You give love and due honor to your dad . Any father would be proud and happy having a daughter like you .Time (lack of) can be a curse . Ryszard ,your dad loved you so much he stayed the time to go with all he had for you . One doctor described it, beyond what was humanly possible. Along with his stubbornness came a father daughter connection beyond love .I know he was more demanding of you .I also know he glowed inside of you . I think he had to realize his firstborn had grown up ,and come to terms with it . Ryszard did have his own way of making his approval ,or not known. Your words are truth ,which makes them all the more loving .
    Randy seeing that Ryszards drinks are covered , now yours are too .

  6. Laurie says:

    A very nice post. Well said. Yes, your writing is certainly from the heart.

  7. Cyberstud says:

    well said D. Relationships are all unique and individual, and yet most importantly very similar to those of others. Someday soon I should post something akin to yours and it will be about my mother and my relationship with her.

    Cheers Diana,

    Stu Sr.

    P.S. Did you have a rum for me too? I shared a beer with many lost and gone ones yesterday, some of yours and Randy’s included.

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  9. Pootz says:

    Your mother knew so well that you both needed time. I’m grateful to her too! I’ve said it before, I can’t wait for baby LFM’s, so much treasure and wisdom will be safe in the world for another generation because of LFM parenting 🙂

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