The Sidearm of “Swanky Syd” Lawford

Posted By on August 1, 2016


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  1. Some grasp life and live it, Lt. Gen. Sir Sydney Lawford did just that!

  2. Simon Tanner says:

    May I recommend a book called “The Last Englishman”, An autobiography of Lieut-Col.Alfred Daniel Wintle M.C. (lst the Royal Dragoons). c.1968

    Copies will be few and far between and most likely overpriced when found but if you chance to find one I believe you would highly enjoy it.

    My maternal grandfathers commander in the Second war, he definitely fits the mould of the English officer/gentleman of the time. I suspect that he and Lawford were two of a kind.

    A lurker for some time I enjoy your stories and musings.



    • Randy says:

      Thank you Simon.

      I’ve set my Goode Wife upon the trail of “The Last Englishman” As the C in C of our Research Department, if anyone can find it, it’ll be she.

      I was very pleased to learn about Sir Sydney’s sword, and even more pleased when Mr. Zwicker agreed to provide his report on the research he did to identify it. Sad that such an artifact would have become detached from the thread connecting it with its former owner, particularly when that one was such as Lawford, but it’s all tied back together now with a fine big bow! The sword’s custodians, going forward, now have the sacred duty of guarding the knot and keeping the string from fraying again.

      Please, do keep lurking. All the best,


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