The Goode Fyght — Chapter the Sixth

Posted By on July 16, 2017


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  1. Ah, rewhetted appetite. A review is good. Misleading vividness, (I like that) and other identities as in fake news. The whole scenario, as you adroitly point out is based on political correctness that is probably the cause for more meaningless deaths than ever before. Very few, and much less, understand the reality of instant devastation as a natural extension of the human psyche and to hell with the legal consequences that usually end up as a never ending courtroom issue where the victim is usually the guilty party for not having had compassion towards the person or mutt attacking them. That’s another issue though and having overcome the need to justify myself (at this age). I remember all too well the Judaeo/Christian ethic of turning the other cheek which as a young man I did until I realized I had no more cheeks and finally having rid myself of my own misleading vividness, eventually taught myself the rudiments of vindictiveness (within the constraints of good taste.)

    • Randy says:

      Ha! No more cheeks and good taste indeed!

      Alas, the laws of man stand in direct opposition to those of Nature and Reality, and whisper tales of ruin in the ear of he who would strike upon the face of True Offense.

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