The Goode Fyght — Chapter the Fourth

Posted By on May 6, 2017


2 Responses to “The Goode Fyght — Chapter the Fourth”

  1. julian says:

    As always, goode stuffe! Sorry have not been terribly active in reading your always excellent essays, health issues so often rear their ugly countenances, but I do make the effort to enjoy your multi talented exercises at every opportunity. Give your beautiful family, two and four legged, a gentle hug for me, and on the appropriate day, wish your beautiful bride a most blessed and joyous Mother’s Day.

  2. julian says:

    PS – are you ever really, really going to gather a large volume of your writing into a print or e-book ( preferably the former for those of us who still enjoy the tactile delight of paper ) for all of your fans to enjoy? I actually wrote this follow up despite my current handicap of having to re-type words often since one of my fingers is now deformed and hits two or three keys at once. ( Dont recall if I mentioned cutting my left middle fingertip to the bone while slicing up meaty treats for my dog children… took over 6 weeks for flesh to heal, nerves still not functional, which has played hell with my cigar box guitar playing) so obviously this was an important thing to write before I sleep and forget it all!

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