The Best Laid Plans

Posted By on February 24, 2016


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  1. Jay Heathman says:

    Hope the other fellow recovers soon, and he will be happy to know that you ravished your dear wife instead of him. ( I know, I know, the 'instead' referred to the planned werke and not to the ravishment of one person or another, but when you are my height, you always go for the low hanging fruit.)

  2. Jay Heathman says:

    addendum – had never heard of the Sandbaggers – followed the link and it really looks fascinating! Thanks for the tip. As for the Herriot books – I never saw the series but the books transported me into one of the most wonderful heartwarming literary experiences I'd had. They should be required reading!

  3. LOL I was wondering if anyone would take it that way! Hahahaha

  4. As you know, it was not without malice aforethought that I worded it so., and also because it is not unheard of for our clients, upon receiving our accounting for services rendered, to proclaim that thay've been raped, not to trivialize the actual dastardly act you understand. It's just that we believe if you aren't accused of highway robbery at least now and then, you need to raise your prices, and anything worth doing is worth doing for a profit. So now, we can't afford to hire ourselves at the prices we charge.

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