Speaking as One Voice to Another …

Posted By on March 13, 2014


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  1. Silvia Jay says:

    Years ago Mike, we were in Germany at the time, called his grandmother in Canada. His aunt, who was visiting and Mike hadn’t spoken to for quite some time, picked up the phone and asked who it was, and Mike answered: “well, who do you think who this is?”, to which she replied something like: “Honey, going by your voice I really don’t care who you are but I surely like to meet you.”

    Mike would agree regarding Cohen – he’d be watching eagle-eyed too if he and I were ever meet. His hands (Cohen’s) – wow, that man has such sexy hands.

    • Randy says:

      The voice is a powerful thing, to be sure, whether it be to sooth, seduce, trouble, or annoy, Hit on by your aunt though, albeit sight unseen – that’s classic!

      You know, after I read your expression of admiration for the hands of Leonard Cohen, I went to Google and discovered an interesting thing – every possible search involving the name of Leonard Cohen and hands seems to have already been done. At first I chalked it up to people searching for some poem or song he wrote that prominently featured the word “hands” (Oh take this longing from my tongue, whatever useless things these hands have done ….”), but then I discovered that there is even a blog that featured some photographs of Cohen’s hands that were taken while he was talking to someone in a lobby somewhere. Yes – there is an entire genre of Leonard Cohen hand porn. Who knew?

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