No Snowflake Ever Lands In the Wrong Place

Posted By on February 12, 2012


9 Responses to “No Snowflake Ever Lands In the Wrong Place”

  1. J.J. Choo says:

    You were always good with words Randy ( :

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    Randy, you’re making the rest of us guys look bad with your damn writing, now cut it out!
    Beautiful stuff, really. Happy birthday Mrs. LFM.

  3. selina says:

    Happy bday mrs. lfm!!! great bday party!!! U looked stunning as always!!
    This poem is so sweet! luv u both!!!|

  4. selina says:

    @gary.. my boyfriend says the same this all the time..

  5. Peter says:

    The way you can heat up a snow flake.
    Diana knows how you can start a fire with your words . Well Done Comrade !
    We must have a half-assed reason for the next meeting of the clan. sooon.

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