More Musashi, As If One Could Get Enough

Posted By on June 27, 2012


2 Responses to “More Musashi, As If One Could Get Enough”

  1. Gary Carbone says:

    Very enjoyable documentary, and I agree Mark Dasciscas does a great job. Ever see him in that Caporera movie, I think it was called “Only the Brave”? And Randy, if you absolutely cannot get enough of all things Musashi, go now to Amazon and buy “Musashi” the 900 page book. I think I learned more about The Way through that book than any other. Read and discuss.

  2. Randy says:

    Never saw “Only the Brave” but we’re getting right on it. Also, heeding your advice, I am going now to Amazon for that there book you named. Mark my words, after the reading, there will be MUCH discussion.

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