Lest We Forget – Family Ties

Posted By on November 11, 2010


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  1. […] Granny was British, and had come to Canada as the war bride of my Grandfather in 1919 (more on this here and here). Small, calm, soft spoken, the very definition of a Lady, she had a portrait of Queen […]

  2. Tim Milloy says:

    WOW, my breath is taken away, I have just finished reading this after searching to see if there was anything about my grandfathers services in WWI and WWII on the internet.

    Randy, I’m your cousin, my mom would be your aunt Shirley… I believe Busters name was Andrew but not 100% sure on that, my mother looked for information on him back in the early 90’s to try to find out what happened to him. All she could find is that he had been in an accident in Toronto.

    To prove I’m who I say I am…. I used to write your sister Cindy when I was a real young kid, she had a horse at the time and its foot got stuck in a hole and had to be put down. You I believe at the time were taking flying lessons to get your wings.I remember My grandmother, she had red hair and would come to visit and drink tea and uncle Murray took me to Belmont park ( amusement park) and one xmass gave me a big stuffed Donald duck, he always had a quick wit and was always comical, Auntie Toots used to come over as well and we visited her in her apt on moffat street in Verdun, as a small child I remember meeting Jack.

    you have my email if you’d like to get in touch, be great to catch up and share stories.

    Tim Milloy

    • Randy says:

      Thank you for your heartfelt comment Tim. I will certainly be in more direct and less public contact with you. We have much to catch up on!

      If by your grandfather you mean our shared maternal one, Frank Winton Zinck, I have been searching his WW1 service record with the RCR for quite a spell. His attestation papers are on line, as is his record of service which has been finally digitized by Library and Archives Canada only in the past few years (a long slog because they were doing it alphabetically, so it took a while for them to get to Zinck). It’s a hard read, much of it hand written, full of repetitions and slight discrepancies depending on source. My plan is to have it sorted in time for my next Remembrance Day piece so I know where he was, when, what actions he was in, wounds sustained, and all that.

      10 years ago I wrote a short series titled The Sword and the Snowflake. Still not quite complete, its first two chapters might be of interest to you.

      Chapter 1 — http://randy.whynacht.ca/archives/2821

      Chapter 2 — http://randy.whynacht.ca/archives/2857

      All the best, and please do subscribe here. You never know what you’ll find.

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