Fried Chicken and Potato Salad — A Welcoming Word From Your Host

Posted By on March 12, 2022


2 Responses to “Fried Chicken and Potato Salad — A Welcoming Word From Your Host”

  1. Steve says:

    The picture is frightening real relative to the conditions we are presently entombing ourselves with.
    Love the iambic rhythm of the piece.
    All that aside, it is not abstemious but does in fact lend its tongue to the ears of the beholders who definitely would not lay track and in most cases, if not all, avoid paying for their ticket to ride.
    May I suggest that Madame prepare a feast of strychnine laced poultry and serve it accordingly to them rather than they preparing it themselves which they would definitely fuck up.

    Aside again, no doubt you have heard about the ignominious attack at MOMA. Impossible to leave the house without some form of paraphernalia and fuck the authorities that ‘stand around and joke about the sergeant of arms who they coerced into leaving his post. (Dylanesque)

    Do come with part two pronto, most highly regarded sage..

  2. Randy says:

    Thank you Goode Sir. Your culinary suggestion has been made known to Madame LFM.

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