Facebook: Rules of Engagement

Posted By on April 15, 2012


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  1. Gary Carbone says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant Randy. If not for the Internet, I would not “know” you, Diana and Jim Keating, people who have enriched and improved my life. And not even a phone chat between us! I did Facebook for a while; then, in disgust, I cancelled, deleted and broke free. I can’t go back. Google Plus came along, I joined but did not participate.

    When I look around, I can’t believe the world I am living in. In my mid-50’s and longing for the low tech world of “Leave It To Beaver” and family picnics. No joke there–Beaver is one of my favorite TV shows–I think it’s brilliant.

    In the midst of all the purely mundane drivel that the Internet allows, there are gems to be found. (see paragraph one). Some of us “find” each other and recognize that we are on the Way. Kind of like a story I heard long ago–

    In a Kingdom long ago, a wise, just and kind King and his cabinet had a serious problem. All the grain, plants and other food was mysteriously causing anyone who ate it to go insane. The King and his wise staff knew there was nothing to be done about this, so they decided….

    “We must eat to survive, so let us tattoo a mark on the top of our right hand. That way, when we go insane we will recognize each other and at least know that we CHOSE to go crazy. “

    • Randy says:

      Well Gary, as you know, I don’t believe in coincidence. There have been far too many times in my life when a seemingly random sequence of events have brought about something wonderful. I don’t see this as anything so simple as divine intervention – rather each of us has the potential to connect with the Universe so that we find ourselves following unseen paths that lead to places of harmony and balance, and some of us learn to recognize when that is happening, or has happened. For some of us, reaching that level of attunement and sensitivity is a life long goal, and once you glimpse its power in your life, you don’t just want more of it, you NEED it. As we go along, tolerance for background noise and false “necessities” gets lessened as we come to understand their insignificance in real world relationships.

      The internet is a powerful tool for connecting people who are on The Path, and I agree with you wholeheartedly in your description of its value in bringing us together, all for very natural, genuinely positive, Human reasons, When I sent the link to this article to Jim Keating, he replied with an interesting observation. He personally has no use for Facebook, and said, “Purposely I have dodged that bullet.. way too many moving parts for me ….” Man, he said a mouthful there!

      I found your reference to “Leave it to Beaver” struck a chord because I grew up loving that show. So much in fact that on one birthday my mother gifted me with something that hung on the wall of my room into my early teen years – an autographed and framed promotional photo of Beaver and Wally.

      Diana and I loved your dead on and undeniably relevant story. We can’t believe neither of us has ever heard it before, but we’re both sure we’ve been in that kingdom. No bother though, because we will see that tale gets excellent mileage from here on!

  2. Gary Carbone says:

    I hope you still have that photo–sounds like a classic!

    • Randy says:

      Alas, as t’is said, “In the course of a long life, the wise man will abandon his luggage several times.” That picture was one such abandonment, but it will never be forgotten, and as you see, it still hangs on a wall in my mind.

  3. Val Oakley says:

    facebook is way too facile for me……who wants 20,000 friends? I can hardly handle the 5 I have!

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