Dog Days – Dog Bite Awareness Week

Posted By on May 21, 2012


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  1. Joe says:

    Honestly I’m more worried about people biting me than dogs. Yes I’ve been bit more times by people than dogs.
    People have no warning signs 🙁 they just bite. And a dog bite is so much cleaner too.

    And what about cats? crazy lil animals they bite for no reason at all.

    But I guess some people are just oblivious to the signs of fear, in Dogs, Or anything animals really (including people)

  2. Silvia Jay says:

    Agree. One must be bilingual: understand doggish and speak humanish. Almost all dogs who are reactive/anxious/aggressive are ignored when the communicate subtly, and don’t get enough information, or the information they need. Combined with a lack of choice – tight leash/can’t avoid, fight is the last option.

    I also share your sentiment regarding “awareness weeks”. Power puke – I don’t pay any mind to any of them.

    • Randy says:

      Power Puke. I love that. This entire “awareness” thing became an empty gesture right from the start, along with the proliferation of coloured ribbons showing “support” for a cause through no more effort than peeling off the adhesive backing and smoothing out any trapped air bubbles. I think George Carlin said it best about that phenomenon –

  3. Silvia Jay says:

    Hilarious clip – yes, arrghhh – ribbons and bracelets, more PP. No ribbons on my car, although I might make an exception. There’s one coming from +R folks in Germany that says: Train Without Pain. I’ll pop that on.

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